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The breakup is the blessing

Yes, I speak to people all the time and alot of people complain that they are lonely.

They cant find someone and yet they prayed all the while when they were in their old relationships for things to change. 
You were miserable, you hated your life and your partner, so God listened and gave your freedom and yet you are still complaining now.

The breakup was your blessing! You need to learn things about yourself and the part that you played in that relationship, to be able to become better at making choices.

You need to own what you did and know what you will put up with and what is an absolute deal breaker and be firm about them when going into the next relationship.

You might need to learn to be comfortable with your own company or taking care of yourself, there are all kinds of reasons you are alone, all kinds of lessons you need to learn before you are ready to move on to the next one.

The last thing you want to do is repeat the same mistake you just left. I have a friend who was in a horrible verbally abusive relationship she finally found the strenght to leave and right away she found yet another relationship who was just as abusive but in a different way...see she didn't learn the lesson.

I on the other hand learned my lesson and I pray every day "Please God let me learn my mistakes and never repeat them" I never want to be in that type of relationship again, where I cant be me, the true me, that I should change to try to make someone else happy.

I am happy with me, I love myself, I know what I have done, I raise my hand to my part and I have worked hard on myself to try to be the best me possible.

I am not looking to change anyone else, they have to do that on their own.That is their path, their journey, I want someone who is healthy and that is what I am offering in return. So if I am alone for a week, a month or years I am good with it.

I have an incredible family and amazing friends, I have interests and things I love doing. I volunteer, I am active in my church and I constantly put myself out there to meet new people so when the times comes I will be ready! I have learned my lessons I am not that desperate to have a man, so I won't be taking the first one that comes along just so I am not alone.

So today my friends, don't rush it, take the time, own your part, forgive others for their part. Learn your lessons, so that you won't repeat your mistakes, believe me the break up was your blessing, take your time and enjoy it!

"Be the change you want to see"
"And just when the caterpillar thought his life over...he turned into a beautiful butterfly"

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