You look good on the outside but you're empty on the inside

Yes, you look good on the outside, you're dressing really nice, you give out the impression that you got it all together and everyone is impressed by what they see but really what is on inside? Does your outside match your inside? What are you giving back? Or are you just looking good coming to get your miracle...

Is that all your here for? Are you coming to church just to look good and for what you can get?

Are you telling your testimony? Are you sharing what God has done in your life? Do you give back to your church or your community? Or are you just here to get what you can get?

You are supposed to go and be the light of God, to share his word, to be a blessing to others but here's the thing,
so many "Christians" are petty, backstabbing gossip mongers, looking down on the "sinners" because they think they are now better because they are "saved"

See, this is why no one wants to come to the church anymore because we have become a place of hate, of judgment and of "tho" are better than you because "we" go to church, "we" dress up, so we are the true Christians.

Just because you sit in a garage doesn't make you a car, anymore than because you look good and come to church makes you a Christian.

What makes you a Christian is the fact that you can spread God's word, that you can love one another no matter what their faults, their beliefs or their sexual preference.
God said that he so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, it didn't say he loved the saved people, so he he did this.

No, he loved the world, the whole world, sinners, saved, everyone. So if God could loved the world, why can't you? Where in the bible does it say... your saved now, so God is letting you judge others in place of him?

No, it says love one another, the greatest of these are love...he who has no sin cast the first stone...I can go on and on.. it doesn't say now that you go to church and you look good, your now better than everyone, that only the "saved" deserves love.

So today my friends, remember just because you see a melon at the supermarket and it looks like it's the perfect melon so you buy it, take it home and open it up only to realize it is rotting on the inside, it is sour and it's bad... yes, that is how some of you are...fooling the world by looking good on the outside. Make sure your insides matches your outside.

"Be the change you want to see"

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