FRP Polymers: Why They Are Invincible In Industry?

Nowadays, to provide a safe environment and ensure a sound work culture has become the main concern of an employer. It is his main concern to arrange for such an environment that will trigger extra enthusiasm within the employees to work dedicatedly thus leading to more production.

The employers are aware of the latest advancements in technology regarding the implementation of FRP products in their company. Since, the fiberglass is considered as the one of the strongest as well as durable materials in the world, it is slowly becoming the first choice of the employers in implementing FRP accessories like gratings, ladders or fiberglass beams in their plants.

Making it one of the strongest materials, these polymers have the strength of steel but weighing a fraction of it. There is a place for every other material and the items made from them are equally good but not for harsh and corrosive conditions. Still, they will tend to hold enough life in them after many years even when the time comes to replace them.

What Makes FRP so Strong?

Fiberglass polymers, also known as “composites” constitutes of the following 
(i)Resins such as polyester
(ii)Surface veil which enhance the stylish look, increases the power to withstand the harsh conditions like corrosion and UV protection.
(iii)Additives such as UV inhibitors, fire retardants

What features make FRP so Needy?

  • Corrosion Resistant

The most important factor that makes it so popular with the employers is its power of immunity to withstand and maintain itself structurally and chemically even in harshest condition. There is the possibility of spill of any solvents, exposure to chemicals which can spread everywhere and tends to play with the bonding of the products with which it comes in touch.
Thanks to the fact that it is superb in resisting against corrosion. Some corrosion affect the chemical bindings of a product which in turn, makes it useless for the functions for which it has been chosen, in the long run.
So it is clearly seen how the fiberglass beams add-on to the life of structures used in commercial purpose.

  • High Strength

Due to the process of pultrusions which is used to manufacture most of the FRP products, this gives the power to these products to hold their dimensional stability and to combat steel with only a fraction of the weight.

Low weight

As stated above, the manufacturing process renders it a low weight making it flexible for movement and implementation.

  • Non-Conductive

Being nonconductive of heat as well as electricity, it can be used in electric substations or places where the workers have to work in extremely high temperatures which in turn ensures safety from any hazards.


As the time has come to go for cost effectiveness and low maintenance, as the engineers have to face several awkward situations in which they have to implement their designs, fiberglass products bring relief to them. To maximize the profit minimizing the costs, FRP approach should be taken from the very beginning.