High Tensile Strength and Support Of Fibreglass Structures

Support and mounts are best suited for external use if they are not prone to get damaged by external factors like rust, chemical contamination, UV radiation and fire. The equipment can be of far greater use if they are lightweight too. A long life cycle for such parts guarantees the durability of the process. Fibreglass reinforced plastic is very light in nature with a very strong and robust characteristic and is often comparable to carbon fibre in terms of various features. The various designs and structures of FRP types of equipments are best suited to modern industrial demands.

Fibreglass Ladder and Fibreglass Cable Trays are superior to the conventional aluminum cable trays and ladders due to their characteristics. Pultruded strong structures, easy installation, strong insulating properties are added benefits that help employees to work in high risk situations, as Fibreglass is known to hold on to its strong characteristics in soaring temperatures. Ex Duro is one of the leading companies that produce FRP supports in the form of ladders, trays and push button mounted stands. The support systems and accessories are fitted with elastomer padding base which prevents abrasion while dealing with heavy loads. Duro Strut support systems implement the anti-slip technology.

The FRP bolts with their non-metallic anti-slip properties can be easily fitted with simple manual tools. A wide range of accessories ranging from pipe hangers, plates, fasteners, angle brackets, pipe systems come equipped with FRP fastening bolts. The accessories are easily replaceable.

Industrial sectors varying from mineral process plants, desalination firms, refineries, petrochemical plants all rely on a quality platform based FRP installations. Various other FRP installations like push button stands are quite commonly used as support to switch racks and stations. The best feature being their compatible nature. As irrespective of a structure, they can fit in quite easily. The cost-effective price tag of these products compiled with easy assembling makes it very much user oriented. Modern architects value them greatly, owing to the freedom of designs.

The support systems like fibreglass bolts and ladders are mostly come equipped with trimmed edges; ensuring immovability and prevent snagging. The trays are equipped with snap locks that help to maintain the correct position. Distortion or deflection of permanent nature is ruled out. Custom fabrication support and engineering assistance are provided to the clients as per their requirements. Overall these extra small features help in eradicating faults that might tend to occur over the length of usage.