Rubber Mats for that Additional Measure of Safety

Industries have always happened to provide some of the toughest of conditions when it comes to that of the floors. The safety standards need to be apt to combat the potential dangers that are on offer especially for the workers. The workers are the ones that face the maximum amount of risk in every industrial sector with the frequent requirement of traversing the entire length and breadth of the industry.

Ensuring the Safety:

It is of further more concern that most conventional form of materials falls short of providing the adequate service when faced with adversities. This is where it became of utmost importance to develop a material which would withstand the harshest of conditions. It was found rubber matting stood as the perfect solution as a precautionary measure of industrial floor mishaps.

Why Accidental:

The adversities that occur most within an industry happen to be as the high presence of extremely corrosive chemicals, remnants of liquid spillages either oil or water, high voltage electrical conditions and presence of high-temperature zones. The rubber matting pose up as the perfect solution as it has very good endurance with better longevity and resistance.


The long standing hours on hard concrete industrial floors have often resulted in fatigue for workers. The rubber mats provide a soft cushion like experience for the workers to stand on for long durations. These extra traits and advantages of matting serve as the reason why the popularity has grown even more. A number of manufacturers have come up as a result manufacturing rubber matting solutions for industries.

Popularity Index of Manufacturers:

The popularity of the manufacturers has triggered production of matting through manufacturers such as the one based in Australia by the name of Work Well Mats. The company serves as a part of the Treadwell group which in itself is a supplier of various industry safety related products. Work Well Mats specializes in rubber matting and other related underfoot accessories to be in use in industries.


The matting solutions are not just in use in heavy industries but across a diverse range of industries including that of hospitals, food and catering, various commercial and office establishments and also in electrical power substations. The overall use of matting also serves industries being hugely cost-effective. The products that are mostly in the offer from the manufacturers happen to fare as rubber matting, anti-fatigue mats, and anti-slip mats.

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