Recommendations | I ❤ April 2018

April flew buy and we are already in the middle of May and only now I realised that April is gone :)

It was a busy month. We were preparing for our very first conference of the year where I was the lead and also my first couple big trips this year: New Orleans and New York City.

I had fun, immersed, met some cool people and listened to music. Here are the cool things from April that I’d like to share with you

I ❤ April 2018


Paddington(2017) India. Drama.

A story of character
Doing what’s right
Reminder that every person has a good in them and we can see it if we try to be nice
Others treat you the way you treat them 
The movie is so simple and beautiful and moved me to tears because it helps me question at what time in my life things got so dark that it’s hard to see the light? When did things get that tough that we

Dealt (2017) India. Drama.

  • you can’t conque something you are not willing to confront.
  • Obsessive over a habit
  • Applying nervous energy into sport, cards, Doug exactly the things that might be limiting.
  • We hugged and said — we will go through this together. Family!
  • What he learned is to accept your weaknesses, and accept help from others. When you accept that you are able to love on with your life
  • Believe that you are special. You have to live yourself. The loss of a vision is a blessing. It made me who I am.
  • I like the way I see


  • interesting concept around how humanity was helping out the with regards to a climate change.


Humanity. Growth.



Wonderful souls that touched me this month

  • Paula reminded me that food is beautiful and it’s healing. It has healing powers.
  • catarina — reminded me it’s ok to be solo traveler and that movement will save my state of being.
  • reine and tianyi — day out and food. They were there to tell me and remind me that I’m a real person. That genuine conversations and connections bring real substances
  • Those that wishes me well: Paula, paul, kerry,