Recommendations | I ❤ April 2019

April felt like a long month, but also an interesting month. I finally got to spend a bit more time in my home town Lisboa and to explore few things that touched my heart. Here are few discoveries I would like to share with ya’ll from April.

I ❤ April 2019

1. Film by Beyonce : Homecoming

“Tell The Truth to yourself first, and to the children” — Maya Angelou. A documentary film about Beyonce’s performance process towards Coachella. She was first African American women to perform at this stage and it was an important journey that she and her crew went through. Enjoyable watch that served as a reminder that those that seek, those that look for ways to express beauty — can find ways.

2. Line of Duty Series

I got recommended this documentary by my colleague after me searching for a series to entertain my long flights. This was more than entertainment. This was an introduction and a reminder that there are people out there fighting for justice, ethics and morality no matter how hard it might be. I respect the values the series showcased of the characters.

3. Mrs Hinch released a book

I’ve been following Mrs Hinch on Instagram since around November time when one of my colleagues recommended me to have a look at her. She was just about to get an Instagram sensation. Mrs Hinch just loves cleaning and that’s what she posts about. She does have great tips and her passion for cleaning has built her an entire army of women who are following her ways.

This month she released a book about how cleaning helped her tackle her own anxieties in life. She started her book by saying that our home isa place of beauty and a place of love. It’s a place where we are fully ourselves.We nap, we watch telly, we laugh, we dance, we have happiest and saddest moments there and it’s important to respect our home and treat it with the respect it deserves.

She is simply a positive role model, and that’s what we need more of in this world :-)

4. Brene Brown: the Call to Courage

I first came across Brene’s work a year ago when someone recommended her book “Braving the Wilderness”. Her TedX talk in Austin about the power of vulnerability has been seen over 9million times on youtube and she just launched a new video on Netflix called “The Call to Courage”. She is a researcher and she is also a storyteller. Sher studies shame, vulnerability and

5. Electric drills

On the wellness front, I tried a 20-minute training session called Personal 20. With 20 minutes of workout you can work 300 muscles at the same time, 90 to 100 percent activation of muscle fibers. In other words, saving lots of time. Strange sensations, but also rather expensive exercise, however very interesting to experiment.

6. Note on Productivity

This month I have been learning a lot about Kanban organisation and process flow which I have created on a manual level using sticky notes and my bullet journal. It seems to be working a bit, but I still get few moments where I feel overwhelmed. My challenge is to do quality work, reduce noise and focus on important work. This video helped me to look at my to do list in just a different light.

7. Rolling Stones Documentary

I love their energy. I love how they see their role in the world. I love how they explore local cultures. The Stones really take their time to meet locals, see what they are about and just feel their presence. It reminded me of how my team and I explore the cities that we travel to as well. We do a similar feel and vibes. Great bunch of lads :) Three quotes that stuck with me: 1. “Traveling it ispart of the gig so might as well enjoy it” 2. “You got to be ready for anything in life” 3. “A great gift for a long life is that you are always learning and discovering”

8. Kevin Hart Being “Irresponsible” in London

I’m not sure where he gets it, but this man has some energy :) Filled with the power and high energy, his performance kept my attention all the way through. I think people really don’t appreciate comedy enough — we need more of it in our lives and we need more people like Kevin Hart cracking us up.

I do follow him on Instagram and I enjoy when he is so passionate about exercise. I also respected how very grateful he is to his friends and his support group. I can relate to that because I have a great support system as well.

9. Film: Someone Great

What I really enjoyed about this film was the soundtrack. It was fly! I also enjoyed the acting and the casting. It was a bit cheesy that the three friends were from all ethnic backgrounds as it felt that they were trying to tick the box, but I also enjoyed that the lead actress was not from the usual background. She was Mexican-American and that was refreshing to see. She had swag and was relatable. Soundtrack is available here

10. Supper Club April Edition

I started a Supper Club with my team as we travel so much around the world. It’s our little tradition now as when we are far away from home, we get together just for a laugh. This month we went to Lisbon and Toronto. Toronto venues just blew us away. One of the best steakhouses ever: Barberian’s.

11. Lisbon Discovery

Lisbon is my home now and I’m learning about its beauty every single day and week. This month I went to quite a few local discoveries including:

  • National Pantheon
  • Famous Cervecheria Restaurant
  • Trying to find best icecream place: Mu Gelato
  • The Drink & Draw bi-weekly event

I’m impressed with creativity and energy that the city has and for this reason I’m extremely grateful. One moment of discovery that was memorable, was meeting the co-founder of The Drink and Draw event — Tania Valle.

12. Quote of the month

Most interesting people are the ones that read

Other things:

  • The Founder (2016) Movie about McDonald's founder. How persistence got him there.
  • After 10 years since the release of the movie, I watched Avatar for the first time. Visually stunning and beautiful film. “I See You!”
  • Backbeat (1994) true story film about the 5th Beatle. Great casting!
  • Slick Conference Event taking place in November in LA. Summit LA
  • Faulty Towers Dinning Experience in UK? Sounds interesting…