Recommendations | I ❤ February 2019

Hello February, You have been a kind month where I personally learned a lot and my dreams came true. Also, I discovered a thing or two through new discoveries. Here is my list of some fun and interesting discoveries from February.

I ❤ February 2019

1. Sex Education

I started this year doing something for very first time — snowboarding. In the build-up for the trip we watched many videos and one from Red Bull has been pretty mind blowing. (3.5 mins)

2. Russian Doll

so refreshing. we all need each other to look out for one another.

3. The Old man and a gun

Charming performance, refreshing story. Reflection upon how to avoid something that keeps us alive when we know it’s the wrong thing to do?

4. Documentary: Hong Kong

A short an insightful documentary about what is it like to do business in Hong Kong. Very interesting to hear about how important the custom of giving business cards is a procedure of respect out there.

5. Architecture Project: Architectural Digest

I enjoyed this project as it sparks my curiosity around interior design, curation, and creativity.

6. Movie: The Star is born

Impressive performance by both actors. Nice story. Beautiful picture of love.

7. Movie: About Time

Refreshingly romantic and yet beautiful moral story

8. Music performance by Sofar Sounds