Recommendations | I ❤ January 2019

Hello to 2019. We begin again. Recommendation is an area where I write things that I have come across the month and simply fell in love with or something that left an impression with me. I celebrate progress and work on simplifying my life by introducing as much quality as possible every step of the way. It’s difficult sometimes to forget that process is what matters instead of the destination, but it’s good to remind oneself one in a while.

In January I want to bring more humor and feminine vibes. Share about movies that inspired me, ideas that I found stimulating and things that made me excited.

I ❤ January 2019

1. Adventures | Firsts

I started this year doing something for very first time — snowboarding. In the build-up for the trip we watched many videos and one from Red Bull has been pretty mind blowing. (3.5 mins)

2. Travel | Introduction to Lithuania

Lithuania is my home town. This is where I was born and spent my first thirteen years at. My fellow countrymen Jacob created a beautiful introduction video to Lithuania and it includes everything, especially around the part including our hight mountains. (10.41mins)

3. On Character | Michelle Obama

This year has also started with chats of the new book by Michelle Obama. I’m near till the end of it and it is everything you would want a Christmas Holiday book to be — informative, funny, human, light and hopeful. I was watching an interview that she did with Michelle Obama and stumbled upon CBC series of “Note to self” which I found quite warm.

4. Humanity. Growth.

  • Goal setting for 2019. Inspiration on areas you could work on are available here. (10 mins)

5. On Health. On Character

This is not a very happy, but it gives a very beautiful and hopeful image of a girl who has been faced with health issues in her life and how she is managing with it.

6. Productivity Tool

This month I was all about Dropbox Paper. A neat little tool that is pretty awesome.

7. Removing Toxins from the body and gaining health

and then…

Shoutout to my friend Sophie for beautifully acting this short film