Vision boards are tools used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal.

Literally, vision boards are any sort of board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

Vision boards are beautiful and effective tools for setting and visualizing goals.


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This ARTICLE was written by Adeola Oshinaike

On vision boards….

The queen of home businesses, Temi -Ashabi Bewaji, mandated a vision board.

It was right on time as I had heard a lot about vision boards and how almost if not all on vision boards come to pass.

So I thought to dig some more.

Vision boards are basically visual representations of goals you want to achieve anytime not in the past or present.

You can pin or paste them on boards or walls where you have access to them.

Ideally, you should be able to see your vision board every day.

Now it sounds too good to be true, right?

I mean, let’s say you want a 2016 Range Rover.
All you need to do is paste a picture of the car, print it or draw it, somewhere you can see it every day and bam!
The next month, a 2016 Range Rover appears in your garage, brand new and no one has reported it stolen.
I wish!

==> Vision boards don’t work that way and many people had actually done just what I had described above expecting whatever they pasted on their vision boards to just work its way out of thin air and materialize in their sitting room.

Some just practically go to their vision boards and pray by fire and thunder for their boards to come true. Jokers!


Here’s how vision boards work though.

First, you need to have an ‘it must happen’ mindset.

Personally, I think we’ve moved past the era of the ‘can do’ attitude. Its old school.

Nowadays, if you want any change or success, you must make it happen and it is not a question of if you can or cannot.

Of course, you already know yourself and what you are capable of before deciding to do anything in the first place.

Second, you need to be sensible,

I didn’t say reasonable because putting up a vision board in the first place is considered bollocks by some people.

You need to be sensible about what you are putting on your vision board.

Putting your goals through the ASMART ( Align with your values, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) test will help determine if your goals are sensible or not. Try it.

Third, once you’ve gathered and pasted your pictures and/or figures on the board.

You need to make sure that your vision board is where you will see it every day.

Don’t hide them because you don’t want others to see your board and smirk at you. I read of a woman who wanted to go on vacation with her four kids but didn’t have the financial capacity.

She put the picture of the hotel they would love to lodge in, and the amount the whole trip would cost on her door so that when they were going out that is the first thing they see.

A friend of hers came visiting and saw the vision board. Few weeks later, she called to inform the woman about a promo she saw in magazine for the same trip and hotel! And that was how that woman was able to go on her dream vacation with her family. Don’t hide your board!

Fourth, you need to act towards achieving your goals

and that’s not by throwing a salute at your vision board every morning expecting it to appear in your bank account.

You must work hard for it. In fact you must work extra hard because now, you’ve a target and the aim is to meet it or even exceed it.
 People can catch you seating on your butts, get to the grind. Hustle on, bro! For out of action comes result.
 A bricklayer will not just put his tools beside the blocks and sand, then expect a house to materialize without doing the work. Never!

Lastly, whatever happens you have to be positive till the end.

Testimonies of vision boards coming to pass at last minute or when it looks like it won’t happen, abound.
 You can’t give up. You must set your mind on auto to being positive at all times.
 The odds may not be in your favor but many have done it and countless are beating the odds right now.
 And peradventure not all you put on your vision boards come to pass, of course, there’s room for re-evaluation.
 Just don’t under-estimate yourself by putting up things you can achieve without lifting a finger.
 That would be a mockery of your gifts and talent not to talk of your intelligence!

Again, when you want something really bad and work like there’s no other option towards achieving it, the universe conspires to make it happen!

What do you think? Are vision boards a yay or nay?