EEOC case dumping scandal (1965–2017)

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Timothy Golden 1 month ago

Trump’s predicament:

Warren sent a letter on Friday to acting Labor Secretary Edward Hugler

after discovering on Tuesday that the site, read: “Page not found.”

It is one of a growing number of web pages that have been removed (aborted)

since Trump became president.

His administration also instructed the EPA to remove (abort)

pages on climate change.


U.S. Department of Justice,

if Trump is pro-CHRIST then Trump will ‘take and drink’

(t)HIS Cup of (not hemlock) T:

Q: wouldn’t only a traitor remove (abort) G-D’S Mail?

Q: isn’t removing (aborting) G-D’S Mail a Celestial offense?

Q: where would we (man + woman) be if Moses had aborted G-D’S Mail

(G-D’S Ten Commandments)?


sip! sip!