Q: are you a HIPAAcrit?

Timothy J Golden

FEBRUARY 9, 2017

U.S. Department of Justice,
Fact: I signed my first MetLife HIPAA form on 11/16/2009.
Fact: MetLife’s first HIPAA form was good (valid) for only 18 months.
Fact: Metlife’s first HIPAA form expired on 5/16/2011.
Fact: MetLife continued to use that defective HIPAA form until 11/12/2013.
Fact: I signed my second MetLife HIPAA form on 11/12/2013.
Fact: MetLife’s second HIPAA form was good (valid) for only 24 months.
Fact: MetLife’s second HIPAA form expired on 11/12/2015.
Fact: It’s 2/9/2017!
Fact: MetLife is using a defective HIPAA form to request my PHI in 2017
why don’t y’all [DOJ + HHS + EBSA] raid MetLife Disability
why don’t y’all surprise all administrators of disability plans in 2017
‘see’ for yourselves which administrators of disability plans are HIPAAcrits!