Michael T Berns, Happy New Year!

TimGolden on Fri Nov 28 2014 commented:
U.S. Department of Justice, 
On 9/6/2013 NYS WCB commissioners Munnelly + (2 non-attorneys) Williams and Higgins ‘reviewed (examined) and rescinded’ 
my NYS WCALJudge Robert Anderson’s decision. 
My attorneys at Fine, Olin & Anderman appealed and requested 
a Full Board Review. 
On 11/25/2013 NYS WCB chair Beloten solely denied me 
a Full Board Review. 
On 12/12/2013 the Third Judicial Department decided that 
“only a three member panel can deny a Full Board Review” 
(see Scalo v. Perry & Sons) 
On 12/27/2013 NYS WCB chair Beloten got 2 subordinates (Libous and Munnelly) to sign order denying me a Full Board Review. 
Q1: was not Munnelly NYS WCB general counsel and NYS WCB ethics officer? 
Q2: how much time did each person spend ‘reviewing’ (examining)
my NYS WCALJudge’s decision? 
Q3: did Libous sign order denying me a Full Board Review 
while in Florida or while in New York? 
Q4: is not Libous a nurse? 
Q5: why is a nurse ‘reviewing’ (examining) any NYS WCALJudge’s decision?


Anyone, whether or not a lawyer, who is an officer or employee of the Workers’ Compensation Board performing duties as a law judge, whether temporary or permanent, full or part-time, or acting referees pursuant to Workers’ Compensation Law § 150(c),



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