Trump congratulated Xi on his extraordinary elevation (by men)? Trump discussed NoKo & trade, two very important subjects?

Q: is Trump a follower of CHRIST?

Q: has Trump ever told Xi, “Xi! stop tearing down crosses”?

The battle started when a government-hired crew tore down the metal cross

The next day, a church member used his own welding torch to put it back. 
He was promptly detained and questioned for 10 hours

A week later, the crew came back to remove the cross. 
Once again, church members put it back up, now tattered and a little shorter.


Timothy Golden3 years ago

bro(t)her! I do don’t you want (desire) to ‘see and hear’:
1) a Chinese pope right wrongs for G-D!
2) a Jewish US president right wrongs for G-D!