Dear IOC and U.S. Department of Justice,
Fact: weight matters!

U.S. Department of Justice,
Fact: weight matters! 
if weight didn’t matter 
then there wouldn’t be weight classes:
1) for(e!) wrestling
2) for(e!) boxing
3) for(e!) weightlifting
Q1: why are there no weight classes for(e!) high school shot put?
Q2: why are 250lb persons competing against 125lb persons?
Q3: if a 125lb person (he/she) is throwing a 12lb shot put
(which is 10% of his/her body weight) 
if a 250lb person (he/she) is throwing a 12lb shot put
(which is 5% of his/her body weight)
1) that is unfair and 
2) that needs to change (be fixed).
to make high school shot put more fair for(e!) all persons (he/she) 
require all U.S. high school athletic programs to add weight classes:
1) 100lb to 150lb 
2) 151lb to 200lb
3) 201lb to 250lb
4) 251lb to 300lb
5) 301lb to 350lb
don’t discriminate against student/athletes who weigh less
Q4: to be fair what shot put weight would a 250lb person (he/she) need to throw to equal the shot put weight that the 125lb person is throwing
(remember: a 12lb shot put = 10% of the 125lb person body weight)?
A: a 25lb shot put 
Q5: don’t you want (desire) all high school sports to(o):
1) be fun for(e!) all
2) be fair for(e!) all
3) be safe for(e!) all


I knocked more than once [HE HE HE]!


Q: is anyone home?