Dear President Trump + OMB + Congress, Q: are y’all followers of CHRIST? Fact: if y’all are pro-CHRIST then y’all want to eradicate drunk driving like me [HE HE HE]


treasurelife911 Jan 3, 2017

U.S. Department of Justice,

Fact: I Told Geico (many moons ago),
“if y’all really want to save lots and lots of lives and money then
1) install speed cameras on all parkways and all expressways
so accidents don’t happen
2) set speed-limiters in all (new + old) motor vehicles to 75 mph
3) start pulling the data from all motor vehicles’ black boxes 
when accidents do happen
4(e!) install breathalyzers! in all (new + old) motor vehicles



Q: are y’all [President(s) + OMB + Congress] pro-CHRIST or anti-CHRIST?