“Nobody gives a crap about us,” Ca\sellas

in other words

in other words

Timothy Golden APR 13, 2016 #185

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__________________________[Marry CHRISTmas]
U.S. Department of Justice,
White House senior adviser George Stephanopoulos said that
he and others were unaware of Casellas’ dissatisfaction
“I am sorry he feels that way,” Stephanopoulos said, adding that 
President Clinton thinks “he (Casellas) has done a great job


U.S. Department of Justice,
Just 16 months after his appointment as EEOC chairman, Gilbert Casellas, 43, has faced an often-hostile Congress. 
And while White House officials say they think he is doing a good job, Casellas said he has not met privately with President Clinton
since his confirmation (16 months ago) 
has the White House returned his telephone calls.

“Nobody gives a crap about us,” Ca\sellas said.
(google it! vs google chrome it! vs wing it?)
Trust but Verify


Timothy Golden APR 13, 2016 #187

U.S. Department of Justice,
come out, come out, wherever you are
let’s go fishing!
on G-D’S web

The EEOC also is not a high priority of President Clinton.
While he (Clinton) has proposed raising the agency’s budget
to $268 million next year,
1) he didn’t get a EEOC chairman installed for nearly 21 months
2) he waited two full years before nominating a new prosecutor
for the commission (the EEOC).
chew! chew!
shame! shame! shame! on you [President(s) + OMB + Congress]


G-D cares!


G-D shares!



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