Sean Kethcart 1 hour ago

What. The cluck. Did I just read?

Timothy Golden 1 year ago

U.S. Department of Justice,

wakie wakie

G-D wants y’all to(o)

‘take and drink’ (t)HIS Cup of (not hemlock) T:

Fact: Former EEOC Chair Brown said that he took a dozen (not a baker’s dozen?) EEOC secretaries and trained them to become EEOC investigators

Q1: has the NYPD (or the NCPD or the SCPD) ever taken a dozen (not a

baker’s dozen?) secretaries and trained them to become NYPD investigators?

A: nyet!

Q2: when are you going to charge the EEOC with

impersonating a Law Enforcement Organization?


sip! sip!



U.S. Department of Justice,

Fact: Sean Kethcart just admitted to America on YouTube that

he doesn’t know what he just read


let’s require all people who want to vote for president to be qualified:

y’all [President(s) + OMB + Congress] must ‘take and pass’ many Tests

like History [of EEOC Budget and Staffing]?

like Ethics?

like a psychological?

like a polygraph?