Timothy Golden vs Augur Mayson


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Billionaire ordered to give wife £453m in record divorce payout

Timothy Golden 11 minutes ago

Happy Mother’s Day!
Happy Daughters of God Day!

Timothy Golden 12 minutes ago

TimGolden • 2 years ago
bro(t)her! I do don’t you want (desire) to ‘see and hear’:
1) a Chinese pope right wrongs for G-D!
2) a Jewish US president right wrongs for G-D!

Timothy Golden 13 minutes ago

Tim Golden • 2 years ago
U.S. Department of Justice,
man has proved (over time) that man can train dogs 
and cats and birds and horses and elephants and pigs
(those animals outside man)
bro(t)her! now (nunc) prove (to GOD and All His Angels) THAT you 
(wee spirit) can train man 
(the animal you are in)

Timothy Golden 14 minutes ago

Tim Golden • 2 years ago
bro(t)her! cling not to(o) fame nor to(o) fortune
bro(t)her! cling not to(o) power nor to(o) praise
bro(t)her! cling not to(o) booze nor to(o) (Imelda’s silver) shoes
bro(t)her! cling not to(o) pills nor to(o) terrestrial thrills
bro(t)her! cling not to(o) the sun nor to(o) a teeny tiny gun
bro(t)her! cling not to(o) oil nor to(o) any terrestrial soil
bro(t)her! these terrestrial things are your doll’s dolls
Q: bro(t)her! what’s your doll?
A: “that man!”s skin you (wee spirit) are in
bro(t)her! cling to G-D

Timothy Golden 15 minutes ago

Tim Golden • 2 years ago
bro(t)her! do your best to(o)
be pro-woman and pro-girl power
G-D is!


Augur Mayson2 days ago

“I’m not sure what happened, officer. I stopped home to feed the dog and found her like this, dead at the bottom of the stairs. It seems she must have hit her head a number of times on the way down. But I’m just guessing of course. As I said, I wasn’t even here.”


U.S. Department of Justice,

Fact: The Times Times kept Augur Mayson’s post but deleted all G-D’S Mail (as if T rash?)


Tim Golden2 years ago

G-D’S Two Part Plan for man (nunc)
part I stop sinning (behave!)(stop being a dumb-he!)
part II start saving (act!)(start being a smart-he!)
G-D’S Two Part Plan for man (tunc)
part I cease to do evil
part II learn to do well
ho ho ho
bro(t)her! G-D knows who’s naughty and who’s nice


Augur Mayson Tim Golden2 years ago

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