The Art of Throwing a Virtual Party

The art of throwing a virtual party

Missing all those joyful celebrations, get-togethers already? When was the last time you said ‘let’s party’? Long time, is it?

Well, before you break into tears let us turn that frown upside down with Virtual Party. Yes, you heard us right, we said virtual party!

The buzz word of the town, ‘virtual party’ isn’t just a trend, it is here to stay.

Wondering what is a virtual party?

It’s partying online. Just like how we are all adapting to the new normal and working from the comfort of our home rather, working from the comfort of our living room’s couch. Similarly, you celebrate life or party online, without actually leaving your home or that favourite couch.

Here are quick steps to help you get started with your Virtual Party

  1. Decide the day, date & time for your virtual party
  2. Make your guest listTheme?
  3. Hell yeah, have a theme
  4. Decide on the venue! By venue, we mean putting all those google hangouts, zoom, skype, facetime and more apps to use
  5. Decide party food for your virtual party (look for multi-chain restaurants that can deliver food to each of your guests
  6. Make a cool e-invite
  7. Set up your playlist, decor and get started

Sounds simple? Well, it is only if you manage things efficiently. But with a little planning, you certainly can make your online party or virtual party the talk of the town.

What are the different types of occasions when you can plan a virtual party?

The list is quite endless. All you need to do is put those group chats and video chats to work. Right from your quarantine birthday to online anniversaries everything that equals celebration can be celebrated virtually. Even your cosy date nights and comfy family dinners too. If you still insist on having a handy list of occasions when you can throw a virtual party then here it is.

Virtual birthday party

Should we call it a Quarantine birthday party, because that’s what all the Instagrammers are calling it these days? Quarantine, lockdown or whatever it be, birthdays are indeed special and most certainly deserve to be celebrated with a bang. So what if you can’t go out and have a birthday blast, just look for virtual birthday party ideas, get your gang online, call for a nice cake, and let the virtual birthday celebration begin. Don’t forget to sing ‘happy birthday’.
The best part, you can party in your favourite PJs.

Believe it or no, virtual birthday parties are comfortable and fun because you get to be you. Also no travelling, no finding venue saves you a lot of stress and also adds up more fun.

Now that’s not all, you get to spend equal time with your buddies as well as with your family. So virtual birthday parties are a complete win-win.

For memories, record your parties or create a video montage and share it with the world.

Virtual wedding anniversaries

Now we have all witnessed, attended and heard of virtual weddings or live Instagram weddings, so if you can host an entire married ceremony online then you surely can celebrate your anniversary online. Also, this saves you from the whole dilemma of should we have a private celebration with just the both of us or should we invite close friends and family. Because now with virtual wedding anniversary celebrations you really can balance it out. If you ask us the perks of a virtual wedding anniversary celebration, you can ask friends joining online to get gifts and yet have your own space followed by a candlelit dinner only for both of you. Don’t forget to look for party food ideas or quarantine party snacks to keep your friends engaged. If required seek help from a virtual event planner, they are a pro at this and can also manage to get you some damn exciting virtual happy hours.

Virtual baby showers

One thing that every mom-to-be wants is to be in the comfort of her home. Yes! Baby showers are exciting, cute and joyful, but nothing can replace the joy of celebrating your baby’s arrival right from your own home. So which is why a virtual baby shower it is. Comfortable for the guests and loved ones as comfortable it is for the mommy-to-be.

Get some nice baby shower decor to celebrate your room, send a quick link with a cute little e-invite, also send them a list of all the gifts you would love to have (why not? It helps!) arrange for party food or quick quarantine party snacks depending on your virtual baby shower time and get, set, celebrate.

Virtual corporate parties

We all want our work to be rewarding, don’t we? And corporate parties and celebrations often make a great occasion for employees to celebrate and bond together. But with restricted movement and work from home corporate parties have become like a long-forgotten dream. Actually, not really. If you can work from home then you can surely party from home too. So take this up with your HR and ask them to set up a virtual corporate party, it can be to celebrate your new project, introducing a new joiner or just a regular corporate get together. All you have to do is convince your HR for a virtual corporate party and get your work gang together. Don’t just go to your HR with a virtual party suggestion, help them with quarantine party snack ideas, virtual party ideas or virtual dinner ideas too. Mail them some blogs about how to host a virtual get together or how to host a corporate virtual party. This will get you a memorable party and some brownie points to HR.

Virtual get-togethers for family

A lot of us have already started missing our otherwise annoying and silly extended families. The family WhatsApp groups are just getting nostalgic day by day. But this can be fixed with a quick virtual family get together. This is the best way to meet your extended family members. It gives you ample personal space while letting you connect with your closed ones. Also, now you can easily dodge the difficult and awkward questions like ‘when are you getting married?’, ‘when will you lose weight?’ etc. Just mute it with a click.

So getting back to virtual family get-togethers, adding a nice board game or online game is a nice idea. Well, you can also share some Netflix screens and turn it into a Netflix party too. As long as virtual party food is concerned you can always ask that cousin of yours to look for quarantine party snack ideas or virtual party dinner ideas. Virtual parties or virtual family dinners, let you choose diverse cuisines for each one. So that everybody is happy. After all, the family that eats together stays together.

So go ahead, make every moment count and make every occasion memorable with a virtual party. Believe us, it is here to stay.

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