Beautiful sounds of laughter and chatter, faint music playing in the background, the smell of cake and chips wafting through the air, and the flicker of flashlights from phones. These are basically what the ideal celebrations are made off, right?

So why does that have to change? Yes, we all know that the situations have changed and things are not the same but what’s stopping us from having the best virtual party ever? It’s not like we haven’t done it before. All those friends and family members, that are in a different part of the world, come together when the occasion is special. So we can do it again and of course, this time, make it even more special.

If you haven’t figured it out or are still new to the whole virtual world and are still wondering how does a virtual party works, let us be your guide to all things right! Let us help you become the master of virtual party ideas!

Pull out your notepads and get on it. Here is a checklist for the ultimate online party.


Now before you start thinking this is a joke, let us tell you that it isn’t! Just like it is important to select the perfect venue for your real-life parties, it is equally important for virtual celebrations. Hold up, stop overthinking! We can see those wheels turning in your head.

When you host a virtual party, by selecting a venue we mean choosing the platform that is best suited for your virtual gathering. Of course, the main objective being finding a platform that supports video calls or a video chat. While there are many to choose from, you have to think about your needs and whether all your guests will have access to said platform. The most commonly used online platforms that we think are better than the rest are:

  1. Skype- The oldie but goodie!
  2. Zoom- This is for those large parties of even 100 people. All faces can be viewed simultaneously.
  3. Facetime- If the party is an iPhone only one, then this should be your go-to!
  4. Google Hangouts- If everyone has an existing Gmail account, then this works wonders!

If you want to share your screen with everyone then Zoom would be ideal! Once you’ve selected the platform, ensure you have a secure internet connection and that bit can now wait till the date of the celebration.


You did this before, so why skip it now? This one depends on the occasion or the mood and of course, on how adventurous your guests are. You can go all out and ask your guests to put on ball gowns and tuxedos with all that jazz or you can even choose to have an all pyjama party. If it’s a virtual birthday party, you can even send out party hats for your guests to wear during the video calls. This gives everyone a chance to get out of their comfortable everyday clothes and it adds to the feel of the party. The easiest is to just choose one colour so you get a colour-coordinated picture for your Instagram!


Now you have a couple of ways you can do this. The easiest, of course, is sending out an evite. Now you must be wondering, how does evite virtual party work? There are many tools and apps to help you out with this. You can be a little creative and send out a decorated image with the details of your party. Don’t forget to add that dress code in there. Highlight the important details and ask people to RSVP. You could also send out a text to your group chat or an email for the same. Email works best for corporate parties online.


First things first, select what room you are going to be having this virtual party or meeting in. We all know that cleaning is not a top priority at the moment but now it should be! Get your selected room to look spick and span and then bring on the creative guns! Add some fairy lights, some party streamers and if you have some old balloons, blow them up and let them float around. Set up your music system or even a large screen if you have one. This step is important to set the mood!


Once you know who all are going to be a part of the party and all the other work is done, it is important to know what you want to do at the party. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate and it doesn’t necessarily have to be followed to the tee. But having a plan ensures there are no awkward pauses and bored faces. Here are a few things you can do to liven up your virtual party:

  1. Play Online Games.
  2. Create A Personalised Quiz.
  3. Have A List Of Conversation Starters.
  4. Karaoke Through A Shared Screen.
  5. Create A Story on Google Docs (Each guest writes one line of the story to form something hilarious)
  6. Share Some Pictures Or A Video Montage.
  7. Have a Dance Party!
  8. Watch A Movie Through Netflix Party.

These ideas should pretty much keep you going all night long! Sharing a drink or two for some much needed virtual happy hours helps as well!


One would be lying if they said that the main reason to go to any party is anything other than food! The fact that the party is happening in separate houses means that not every house will have party food.

But you can change that! Be the amazing host that you are and organize some quarantine party snacks to be delivered to your guests’ houses! That way you enjoy the same meal and no one has to be jealous over what the other is eating! You can just look up food orders for functions and you will have an array to choose from!

These ideas will definitely help turn your virtual party into the talk of the virtual world. From a quarantine birthday, to a virtual baby shower or bridal shower or just to celebrate life, you can now make it a grand event. So go on, form a group, and make it happen!

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