On Brexit, Trump, and Anti-Intellectualism
Dave Huynh

Spot on analysis from an American.

Here in the UK there is a clear division between two opposing camps. One made up of those of us who embrace the (post) modern age and everything that goes with it, including Europe. The other camp likes to look back to a WW2 era golden age when things were simple, that never really actually existed.

At least now with this terrifying brexit scenario we are finally calling the bluff of those who have continually peddled their nationalist snake oil through the British press for decades.

From my perspective, their simplistic assertions will not stand up to the very harsh reality that they are about to be confronted with, and both they and their assertions will be shown to be severely lacking.

The short term effects of all this on the economy will be catastrophic, and ironically the very people who voted for brexit will be the ones who suffer most.

After Scotland leaves the UK and the rest of us have suffered sufficiently, I think another referendum is likely and we will be pushing to be allowed back in to the EU.

The terms will be harsh, we will have no veto and will be forced to accept the euro as our currency.

Britain will no longer be ‘great’, but that will be okay.

I believe that we are witnessing the final battle of a once great empire that will settle this misplaced nationalism once and for all.

And before we get too worried about all this, it’s worth remembering that almost 80% of the under 25s voted to remain. They are the future when all said and done.

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