Not Everyone Needs A God

Not everyone needs a god. Not everyone needs to believe in God. If you know anything about me, you already know I don’t. Just because I have depression, doesn’t mean your precious God is going to save me. God isn’t going to save me.

The other day I was mumbling aloud to myself while doing dishes. I’m an artist, I talk to myself a lot…. My dad was in the kitchen and when I turned to throw something in the trash there was a big mess on the floor, so I asked him what the hell it was. He responded “do you just fucking expect God to answer when you talk out loud like that, Kyla?” He used my first name and I shook my head. “I was talking to you that time, Dad!!” I did NOT use his first name. I was standing there thinking, as he began to ramble about “well how the fuck was I suppose to know that?? You weren’t even looking at me- blah blah blah…” as he was rambling, I kept thinking “No. Actually I don’t expect anything from God. At all.” Of course if I said that he would be disappointed.

Not everyone needs a god. Not every problem can be solved by praying. In fact most problems are not solved with prayers at all. You can pray for anything you want but it doesn’t change your chances at all.

My aunt is going to Africa for two years. She isn’t going to help the children in need of food and water and clothing. She’s going to tell them all about Christianity and to tell them lies like “if you ask God nicely, you’ll live a healthy life!” She’s going to convince them that they won’t die of starvation or whatever else is going on in Africa. She’s going to tell them God will save them. When was the last time God saved someone? In fact I recall people using god’s name as an excuse to tell homosexuals to kill themselves. Isn’t that exactly the opposite of saving someone? What God do you believe in, reader? Do you believe in any God at all? Why? What’s the point of it? It’s like believing in Santa clause and the tooth fairy. None of those things exist…. Those kids in Africa don’t need God, they need help. Real help. They need clean water and fresh food and proper clothing and working medication. They need family and good health. They need shelter. God isn’t going to magically grant them all of those things just because you told them about Jesus.

Go ahead, disagree with me if you want. Tell me how wrong I am. Tell me I’m going to hell.

Go ahead. Tell me.

But I stand by my statement.

Not everyone needs your fucking God.

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