Okay… a few issues with this “article”
Sam Davis

Robyn Su Miller, she isn’t technically winning by any millions of votes. Remember all those caucus states that Bernie has won? Count up all those millions of Dems and Independents in those states and add them to Bernie’s tally. We need to change our voting system. It’s a total Shlt show . And As she said, Sam is the one who has obviously researched and brought facts. I see Hillary supporters parroting DINESH D’SOUZA’S (of all horrors) lies about Bernie, and as in 2008 with Romneybots, none of them can give specifics when making their baseless claims against Bernie. So, if you want to talk about people acting like a cult, I see it in the Hillary supporters, repeating lie after lie about Bernie, refusing to believe factual data, refusing to do the research about the crap they share and say, refusing to even read and comprehend the articles they post on social media (including THIS article, full of BS) . It’s disgraceful and embarrassing.

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