In this patch we are simply tuning previous changes. Sidewinder and Artillery are being brought a bit more in line, Push/Pull wave as well were underperforming, and should be easier to justify damage or reload modding. Overall goals are a continuation of the previous, to ensure Artillery is used in a balanced fleet, and to decrease the power of single-weapon spam.

Balance Changes

  • Artillery: Reload Time 6 → 5.5, Speed 104 → 112, Energy 5000 → 4500
  • Sidewinder: Range 740 → 780 Speed 256 → 272
  • Heavy Beam: Damage: 37 → 38 Energy 5200 → 5000
  • Push Wave: Range 750 → 775…

Artillery has long been a source of fairly swingy behaviors in the game. This is in large part because of its small, but technically AoE hit location. Rather than trying to minimize that, these changes seek to accept the area of effect, making artillery shots more rare and dramatic, therefore more dodgeable, but still very potentially powerful. PD and missiles are both rebalanced to reduce the impact on artillery from this change.

Additionally, shields and range are being changed to allow more long range spam as an option while also making it more counterable, increasing maximum range, reducing DPS at…

Balance Changes

  • Sidewinder Damage 30 -> 34
  • Orb range 1400m -> 1300m, minimum range is now 1/3rd of max range, instead of depending on speed (an overall increase)
  • Tesla damage 10 -> 12, energy cost 1300e -> 1500e, energy drain removed
  • Heavy Point Defense projectile speed 560m/s -> 880m/s, energy cost 4400e -> 4000e, reload time 3s -> 3.25s, radius 18m -> 5m
  • Overshoot of all projectiles except Sidewinder and Missile changed 50% -> 30%

Bug Fixes

  • Artillery/Phase target indicators better fit their AoE
  • Carriers now transfer to targets that have run completely out of energy
  • Unit names are now limited to 50 characters

Visual Updates:

  • New wide variant 2x1 Scout and Fighter thrusters for symmetrical fighters.
  • Bulk Thrusters back to 1x2 visually.
  • New decals and inner diagonal stripe.
  • More statistics are displayed in the info pane for parts
  • Artillery and Phase bombs have a new visual indicator
  • Minimum range is now displayed as inward facing triangles.

Balances Changes:

  • Dampener from -25% to -30% Energy cost
  • Emp Warhead from 4000 to 5000 Energy Damage
  • Added ‘armed’ and ‘unarmed’ categories to relative AI commands
  • Fire damage is now displayed correctly in info pane
  • Fixes to AI facing
  • Fixes to orders.

AI Fixes.

  • Fixed AIs getting stuck somehow for no reason.
  • Fixes issue in the AI editor, when moving rules up and down.
  • Updated Mini Charger
  • Kick AIs Upon Changing Game Mode. Previously AIs clogged up the player count, potentially locking a server if a player repeatedly added them and swapped modes. Now that they are kicked this is no longer possible.

New Shadow Parts (for DLC owners only)

Added curved and front amor heavyweight shadowed pieces.

Part Changes

  • 180 Turret Mount, arc increased to 200, cost decreased from 18 to 15
  • Sidewinder tracks further, moves faster, and does 25% less damage.
  • Demispinal Turret Mount cost reduced from 10 to 8
  • Dampener Mod hp increased from 5 to 10
  • Heavy Flak hp increased from 5 to 10

A bunch of visual, balance, AI and order giving fixes.

Balance Changes

Stasis Field: Price from 15 to 10

This should allow stasis to be more easily placed on fighters and other small craft without making a serious impact on their cost effectiveness.

Spinal: -50 Range

The base range of spinal was quite strong, this should bring that power down a little while we think about the role of spinal versus rangemods in the long time.

Flamethrower: 1 normal dps to 2.

Flamethrower really only works as a niche anti-heavy weapon, a bit more base damage should help it kill units it would otherwise struggle to kill with it’s DoT, such as…

Speed Coil down to +50% from +60% bonus

Single speed coils were giving a lot of velocity, and less than 6x speed coil has quickly become common, so preserving the same extremes at 6 coils is less important. This also lowers the max velocities achievable with things like artillery stacks.

Waves now scale their power based on damage mods

With damage mods, you can now create a ‘push/pull wave bomber’,
previously wave push/pull was unaffected by damage mods.

Quickscore displays current money, rather than earned money

Quickscore now displays the current available cash on hand, rather than
the total earned over this game. …

New parts and changes


A weapon mod that reduces the speed of a projectile by 8% and the energy consumption by 25%

Orb Launcher

A light, long range projectile with an arming phase. Useful for bombardment against slow enemies. Able to strike heavily point-defended enemies, as it is not a missile.

Demispinal and Spinal Changes

A lighter spinal that gives +250m range, for $10 and 15T. Spinal now gives +500m range for $20 and 40T. Spinal range bonus now applies after the % bonus from weapon mods, reducing max ranges with range mods.

Emp Warhead

An EMP Warhead and nerfs to current explosive warhead

Speed Coils

Changed effect scale. Has linear increase. …

Game Mode Changes

  • 1v1t now has a 30 minute timer like all game modes.

Balance Changes

  • Speed Coils: Cost 10 to 5. Speed boost 50% to 30%. Reload Penalty 1.25x to 1.15x.
  • Jump Drive: Now removes half of Max Cloak on jump.
  • Missile Launcher: Fire Rate Improved by 13%
  • Flamethrower: Range, 330 to 350.
  • No Overkill Mod: 1 HP to 5 HP.
  • Made Sidewinder retarget on target death/cloak only.

Updated Several AIs

  • LongPoint
  • Orbiter
  • Bulldog
  • Yarki
  • Sidewinder
  • Furia
  • Ficon

Bug fixes

  • Fixed spectators editing ships not syncing with servers.
  • Fixed sound sliders being hard to use.
  • Fixed stop command not clearing hold position command.

Some rebalancing and bug fixes.

Balance Changes:

  • Mid-Range Weapon Mounts have more HP, from 90/180/270 HP to 10/20/20 HP.
  • Advanced Shield Generator Mass from 10 to 2.
  • Jump Drive: Cost 10 to 15. Weight 5 to 6. HP 0 to 10.


  • Jump Drive energy use works correctly now. Is 250/drive on jump.
  • Sidewinder AI uses and gives Sidewinder.
  • Fixed fleet design menu issue that could delete ships.


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