Istrolid Update 0.48.3

Balance Changes

  • Sidewinder Damage 30 -> 34
  • Orb range 1400m -> 1300m, minimum range is now 1/3rd of max range, instead of depending on speed (an overall increase)
  • Tesla damage 10 -> 12, energy cost 1300e -> 1500e, energy drain removed
  • Heavy Point Defense projectile speed 560m/s -> 880m/s, energy cost 4400e -> 4000e, reload time 3s -> 3.25s, radius 18m -> 5m
  • Overshoot of all projectiles except Sidewinder and Missile changed 50% -> 30%

Bug Fixes

  • Artillery/Phase target indicators better fit their AoE
  • Carriers now transfer to targets that have run completely out of energy
  • Unit names are now limited to 50 characters
  • AI will no longer have a chance of stalling when its targets are destroyed
  • AI DPS conditions are now evaluated correctly
  • Following an enemy ship will now get close enough to shoot even when that ship is running away
  • Game rooms will now change modes correctly
  • Weapons can no longer be placed between spinal mounts
  • Build queue numbers update faster
  • Ships can no longer be deleted if a player is in the fleet screen when a game starts