Gilbert Goanna Tree Fund announces 20,000A Artist search winner
2 min readMay 13, 2022


Stock image from Pexels (stay tuned for sneak peaks)

The Gilbert Goanna Tree Fund is thrilled to announce that we have completed our Artist search and selected an illustrator to collaborate with to create The Fund’s first NFT project.

We received a large number of high quality submissions by artists from around the world. Following interviews with the short listed candidates we can announce that the chosen artist is Edsontoast. You can find him on twitter here

“I’m a new digital artist from the UK in my late twenties with a love for all things fantasy and otherworldly. A big fan of Algorand and the diverse NFT scene here so looking forward to getting more involved and growing together” says Ed

While many of the applications were of a really high standard, Eds concepts stood out as they not only aligned well with our organic vision for the project to reflect our environmental focus but provided a unique twist on PFP NFTs with some interesting and well thought out trait ideas.

Production is already underway and it is hoped the series will be ready for release around 6 weeks time. There will be 1111 NFTs in the series with approx 70% being made available in a public sale. The remaining NFTs will be retained to reward and encourage high value donations to The Fund.

“I’m really excited to have the chance to work with Ed. His ideas for the character traits are really interesting and I’m confident that the finished series will be a welcome addition to the Algo NFT eco-system. We are also working behind the scenes to find innovative ways to incorporate utility for the holders.” says Benji, founder of Al Goanna and Co-Founder of The Tree Fund.

We have also chosen to recognise and reward several other artists who had put together really strong submissions. They will receive NFTs from the new series.

2nd Place: Mingo NFT
3rd Place: Moon NFT and Melanie Schloffer

“It was fantastic to be able to meet and talk to so many talented and interesting artists in our search. The level of skill and dedication is really inspiring and I hope we can find opportunities to support more artists in the future.” says Kavitha Palani, Founder AK Foundation and Co-Founder Tree Fund.

The Gilbert Goanna Tree Planting Fund
The Gilbert Goanna Tree Planting Fund is Algorand’s first dedicated impact fund, administered by the AK Foundation. The capital that is raised via donations and community initiatives is then invested through various de-fi protocols. The generated yield is then used to directly support conservation efforts and tree planting projects around the globe. This innovative approach allows the fund to be truly sustainable both in terms of the projects it supports and also its own longevity.


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