Nine to Five-Session 13

Today I started my first office job. I was terrified.

I’m nearly 30 years old and have never worked in a typical office setting — by choice. I’ve avoided, ran away from even, normal 9–5 jobs. I felt like I was really sticking it to the man, really going against the grain and living more authentically. This may have been true for a bit. After so long of avoiding that terrifying normal schedule and all the materialistic, inauthentic, generic and mundane bullshit that seems to go hand-in-hand with this type of job, I found myself avoiding opportunities, creating hardships and digging a deeper and deeper rut to avoid this way of life.

But it is not a way of life — or at least it shouldn’t be. When we start to define ourselves within walls, within the hours of nine to five, we start to view our-self differently, we stunt our-self, we ignore the possibilities that open with a new schedule, stability and a new environment. We become paralyzed.

Open up to it, don’t succumb to it. Be genuine. Do not lose interest in things. Let yourself be inspired. Allow this to be an opportunity to create mental space for things you enjoy. Be excited. Stop putting up walls. Let’s see what incredible things we do when we stop creating obstacles that aren’t there.

This is gonna be great.