Session Three.


Kitty knocked my favorite mug on the floor today. Broken. Kaput. Split right down the middle, effortlessly. It was one of those obnoxious, yet wonderful, oversized bowl mugs. Instead of picking it up, saying a few muffled curse words and throwing it out, I decided to capture it — the light delicately reflecting off the surface, the texture created where the two pieces severed. I stopped. I appreciated the subtleties.

This caused me to reflect on a personal breaking point I hit earlier.

I work a customer service job because I suck at marketing my photography business, to be frank. It’s draining. Not the serving the customers part, but the battle for the need to feel like a human amid the serving. The battle for the simplest of human courtesies — to be acknowledged for more than just a middle ground. To be more than just a machine. It’s hard to accept that people make the conscious choice to make their time and money more important than my existence, my humanity, over and over again. It wears you down. It breaks you.

But not for nothing. I will capture this. I will bring this to light. Let’s appreciate the subtleties. Let’s appreciate one another.