Session Two.

Today, I read this article by Steven Parton about how the synapses in our brain grow closer together each time that specific electrical charge is triggered. Electrical charges — like thoughts. As he so wonderfully puts it, “ Your thoughts reshape your brain, and thus are changing a physical construct of reality”. Woah.

After reading this, I decided to go find something new. I walked around my neighborhood aimlessly like I have dozens of times before. I walked up the street with the big hill that I usually avoid and came across construction on an old school building that had been vacant for many years. Intriguing, so I walk by, somewhat inconspicuously peering into windows until a truck drives by and the driver, a construction worker, says if I walk around the corner and talk to them, they will show me around. Without a flinch, I head that way. Unusual for me. After rounding the corner, my usual hesitation kicks in. Intimidated, I scrape what little charm I have from the depths of my curiosity and wave over a worker. Eventually, a man comes over and before I know it, despite my lack of appropriate work site attire, I am in the corridor of this aged school.

Lofts, they say. They are turning this antiquated building into homes. He shows me around the entire place, pointing out details and remnants of the school among the fresh saw dust and plaster bits floating around, hitting the sun like specs of something magical. It was a beautiful process. Changing the physical construct of something that had been sitting empty, for years, purposeless into something new.

And to think, I was just going to watch some midday after work TV instead.

To reshaping our brain one synapse gap at a time…