Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer
Owen Jones

Owen — You make some very valid points and are doubtless sincere about helping Corbyn and Labour. However I would question the doom and fear message. Yes the is a real risk of an electoral disaster for Labour. There was always a risk of that given inevitable media bias. The Blairtie sabotage strategy has greatly increased the possibility of electoral disaster. But doom and fear is unhelpful. The reason some may be reluctant to hear your message is because you are saying in public things perhaps better said in private.

Fundamentally however you miss a key political reality. The last 30–40 years has seen a colossal transfer of power and wealth from poor to rich, from many to few, from public to private/secret. That has taken place in most so called western democracies. This demonstrates that those societies are NOT democracies. No one voted for to enrich the 1% post 2008 banking crash but it happened. No one voted for the Iraq war, but it happened. We were offered a vote on Brexit precisely because it does not matter to the 1%. etc etc.

The only way to win politically is to understand where you are and where you want to get to. We do not live in a democracy. We live in a highly controlled society where vastly complex systems prevent political change. That obviously includes the mainstream media but it also includes all the factors mentioned in your Establishment book. On top of all that you have spycops, MI5 and corporate spies infiltrating and sabotaging campaigns and individuals.

The point I am making is political consciousness is key to change and whilst you are quite correct to identify the fact that the vast majority of the British public are a very long way from socialist sympathises, let alone die hards, the process which is occurring right now is hugely significant. By that I mean the polarisation of opinion and the abandonment of centrist liberalism within the mainstream is creating a large body of non-believers. Those flocking to Corbyn recognise in him an alternative and they will not be dissuaded by any amount of propaganda. That is significant in a country that has always strived to maintain the façade of liberal democracy.

The British establishment has always compromised to try and avoid creating a large body of radical people who know the whole system is corrupt. Do not underestimate the importance of 500,000 no longer willing to accept the circus of parliamentary theatre hiding real power. Yes an media and electoral strategy are important but the movement is growing and you have to acknowledge that as a major change. Focusing on doom because Labour may well lose a general election is missing the point that for the first time since god knows when (1945?) the Establishment is not in total control. The Establishment is struggling to maintain the façade and that means their power is weakening. Sure they still dominate but they cannot halt the current tide of popular rebellion.

Brexit and UKIP are both indicators of Establishment crisis. That’s why they were promoted. They are the 1%’s attempts to soak up the anger. But it isn’t entirely working. Yes they can still divide us with their lies and their hate but people are open to non-liberal, non-capitalist ideas. It is not Corbyn’s team’s responsibility to ensure all the disenfranchised immediately become socialists. It is their responsibility to offer an alternative. That they are doing and so long as they survive and continue to grow they deserve support and respect.