16 Hour pre-Christmas Design Challenge

When Pablo Stanley asks for screens, you give the man some screens.

A screen! The fruits of my labor. Ah yeah.

So, I’m minding my own business trying to leisure because it’s almost Christmas, right? And then this Pablo Stanley guy goes and says “Hey, enter my design contest.” and then I did. And it was pretty fun!

Pablo Stanley is the dude. His videos are great.

Before jumping into designing screens for a standard health app, I decided to try to break things down a little bit more to not only develop a better idea, but also to ensure that my screens were actually serving a purpose.

I’ve recently been into live streaming myself designing personal projects on Twitch.tv, as well as watching other creatives make things live.

And thus, I was inspired by that to create a web app for gamers wanting to be healthier.

You know how professional athletes get hurt sometimes? It happens to professional gamers and casual gamers too. Wrist injuries and strain are becoming increasingly common. Plus, they say sitting is the new smoking.

While working on this, a viewer of my stream told me that a physical therapist reported that their 2nd most common clients, next to MMA fighters, were e-sports players.


The idea is to give gamers a platform where they can set goals for themselves, get reminders to take breaks, challenge friends, and compare their health data to their game playing data. Healthy gamers play better!

Doing the UX

Users have to use the thing, so I tried to design for them. I established a few loose user roles, considered the sorts of devices and scenarios they would be in, and then tried to define their needs.

I concluded that this platform necessitates a web app over a mobile app because of the nature of gaming. When defining user roles, this was the list I came up with:

  • health-conscious gamer
  • professional gamer
  • desk-bound worker
  • injured gamer
  • looking to lose weight
  • streamer/content creator

While casting a seemingly wide net, narrowing down the nebulous “gamer” persona helped me to hone in on features that would be beneficial to these types of users.

Now THIS is what I call a gamer.

User Stories!

I wrote some user stories that helped me better wrap my head around the product I was designing.

  • As a gamer, I can see a display that indicates my current health state.
  • As a gamer, I can see an overview of my progress.
  • As a gamer, I can get notifications suggesting good times to take breaks, stretches, and diet reminders.
  • As a gamer, I can challenge other gamers to be more healthy and spark friendly competition.
  • As a gamer, I can see my game data compared to my health data.

Then I wireframed, and made some loose user flows. You don’t get to see the user flow though because it’s literally so simple and not complete. 💅

Wireframe + some notation for myself
This is a screenshot of my screen. I’m designing screens on it. In sketch.

Here’s my prototype!

This is the fruit of my work sessions (and one really late night push till 4:45 am). When browsing this prototype, keep in mind it’s purpose in a user testing scenario would be:

  • Test if the user understands the navigation
  • To identify if the language was confusing
  • To verify the idea itself. Does anyone want this? Does it make sense?
  • Would users add goals in a list format, or prefer a different method? Do they understand the benefit of goals?

Due to the nature of the sprint, unfortunately I was unable to user test anything provided here, but my next step would be to do so. I would then iterate!

Me after launching this game changing design challenge prototype

It felt good to get in Sketch and flex some of my skills and improve my workflow a little bit this week. I think this is my first time designing a dashboard like this, so it was an interesting learning experience!

Thanks for your time!

So, I graduate in may! You can check out my portfolio at https://tre.gg/ and see if you think I’m worth hiring. And if you think I am, email me at hi@tre.gg sometime.

Thanks for reading. Wish me luck.