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I’m sick of this bullshit. I’m sick of seeing hard fought progress and reform won by dogged and determined people being continuously undermined and outright destroyed by petulant, selfish and egotistical narcissists who do absolutely nothing but trash and destroy everything just because they didn’t get everything they wanted in record time or their pet issue(s) didn’t come first. I’m sick of seeing people and organizations (like Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood) who have doggedly worked and fought for decades to finally get a seat at the table only to be smeared as establishment sellouts just for having a seat at the table. I’m sick of seeing people who insist on being willfully ignorant of basic civics and how government works, stunningly myopic of the bigger picture or the greater good, and outright refuse to even consider coalition building, still being catered to like customers at a high end day spa because they’re the either loudest voices in the room or are adept with or active on social media — even if they’re using it to promote laughingly biased fake news. And I’m sick of seeing these nihilistic purists lecture everyone else on how to fight the power and then turn around to crucify someone who does just that because of a fucking technicality. Which is what Sen. Booker’s vote on the Klobuchar amendment was, a technicality. Saying that does not diminish how serious an issue prescription drug costs are. It doesn’t belittle how important it is to so many Americans for whom affordability is directly tied to quality of life, and for some the difference between life and eventual death.