JavaScript Modules: Welcome to My Emo Hellscape

Communities of browser JavaScript developers

1. Front End

2. Full Stack

3. Full Frontal

Authorship and Consumption

Library Consumer

Library Author

Source Code vs Executable Code

Dependency Granularity

Coarse Grained

cli-tool install lodash

Fine Grained

var _ = require('lodash');
import {clone, random} from "lodash";

Constraints and Trade-offs


The Browser JavaScript Package Manager

Authoring occurs in the author’s preferred module format

Consuming occurs in the consumer’s preferred module format

'module': 'cjs'
cli-tool install packageA packageB packageC --module=es6

Conversion from authoring format to consumer format occurs on publish

Builds are hosted

Clearly delineate server, build, and client packages in manifest and directory structure to minimize confusion.

├── browser_modules
│ ├── mocha
│ ├── react
│ └── underscore
└── node_modules
├── express
├── mocha
└── underscore
└── node_modules
├── express
├── mocha
├── react
└── underscore

Flatten the dependency tree, Let consumers resolve version conflicts

Offer a web-based build tool/package bundler for “front end developers”

The extras

Abandon All Hope



I helped start @workantile, coupon queen’d at @GrouponEng. Doing the startup thing at Flash Recruit. @emberjs core emeritu. @paul_irish once called me ‘a hero’

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