KATALDHAR-“An encounter with the Heaven”

Kataldhar Waterfall

After a tiring week it was time for a refreshing weekend. For discovering the undiscovered places I opted to go to Kataldhar waterfalls with Trekfit, as I had already done two treks with Trekfit and had amazing experience and made a number of friends. Kataldhar waterfalls are located in Ulhas valley on the way to Rajmachi .The name “Kataldhar”explains itself. Katal means rock and dhar means waterfall. It started with the train journey along with dumb-charades and antakshari introducing each other unofficially. Reaching Lonavla station we had yummy vada-pav and proceeded towards the main road .This was certainly one of the most exciting treks as we had to descend first .Small walks took the group into deep forest and a sudden descend valley. Selfies with the nature were incomparable .Snails, earthworms,crabs and mosquitoes accompanied us throughout the way

River Crab at Kataldhar

We experienced loose soil and sharp slippery descend along with thorns and bushes which made us slide along the way . After reaching the base valley we were surprised by the gigantic waterfalls of Kataldhar. Cold and crystal clear water immediately gets the group excited and the first spot where we officially get wet .

The place had hypnotized us in such a way that even the tiny creatures moving all over seemed blissful. Far away from crowd and free from pollution soaking in the showers till my fingers turn soft and crinkly, that feeling was just amazing . The place was quite slippery ,many of them fell,some on the rocks and some for the rocks.After moving ahead we discovered a pond with enough depth and then further came the huge waterfall .A picture speaks a thousand words but thousand pictures fall short of what hit us when we first laid our eyes on it.

Close-up of the Beautiful Waterfall

After enjoying the pleasures under the gigantic waterfall we fed our stomachs and made up our mind to leave the heavenly place. Now climbing up was a tough task due to continuous showers and slippery pathways, yet we pulled up our socks and finally reached to the start point . Sun had waved us good bye and moon had arrived for our welcome .We got into the tempo travelers and reached Lonavla station with bag full of memories awaiting for the next adventure.