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Photo by home_full_of_recipes (Instagram channel)


I’ve trained a character-level LSTM (Long short-term memory) RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) on ~100k recipes dataset using TensorFlow, and it suggested me to cook “Cream Soda with Onions”, “Puff Pastry Strawberry Soup”, “Zucchini flavor Tea” and “Salmon Mousse of Beef and Stilton Salad with Jalapenos”.

Here you may find more examples of what I ended up with:

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Here’s a recipe for how you can ruin your happiness and start feeling miserable using social media:

  1. Stop all attempts to figure out who you are, what your purpose is and what your identity is.
  2. Start comparing yourself to others by scrolling social media feeds as often as possible and as much as possible.
  3. While doing that start thinking that people have it all (while they are not).
  4. Pay attention to their triumphs and victories only (they won’t show you their trials, hardships and cost they paid anyway).

Here you are! You don’t know who you are and thoughts of everybody having everything and you just having something doesn’t leave your head. Where are you happiness?! 🧐

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Hey readers!

I’ve open-sourced new 🤖 Interactive Machine Learning Experiments project on GitHub. Each experiment consists of 🏋️ Jupyter/Colab notebook (to see how a model was trained) and 🎨 demo page (to see a model in action right in your browser).

Although the models may be a little dumb (remember, these are just experiments, not a production ready code), they will try to do their best to:

  • 🖌 Recognize digits or sketches you draw in your browser
  • 📸 Detect and recognize the objects you’ll show to your camera
  • 🌅 Classify your uploaded image
  • 📝 Write a Shakespeare poem with you
  • ✊🖐✌️ Play with you in Rock-Paper-Scissors…

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