misinformed Americans are a threat to national and economic security
Misinformed Voters Are A Threat To National And Economic Security.
Greg Ferenstein

Greetings from Italy :) 
You might want to elaborate on this, since it’s a global phenomenon. Here in Europe we’re having a similar problem with populist parties taking over and wrecking havoc on an already wekened European Union. Even leaving the brexit aside for a second, one can’t ignore what’s going on in Germany and France, where far-right parties are on the rise. Denmark joined the “xenofobic paranoia” club a few weeks back. Poland and Hungary are ruled by xenofobic conservative parties willing to build walls around the whole perimeter of their countries. Fearmongering and fact-bending have reached alarming levels across the board, with some political parties overtly encouraging racial profiling(!). All this comes with the usual, generous side of anti-euro rethoric and “immigrants stole your jobs” babble, which is super effective on simpler minds. People are losing their trust in democratic insitutions at a record pace, which puts us on a straight road towards dictatorship: it won’t be long before people start demanding extraordinary measures to address the many difficulties we’re going through right now.

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