Moving Forward

One of the things I really never thought I would do again in my life was move in with someone. I had resigned myself to be single forever, and thus be alone. Mind you, I’m okay with being alone. Only child from a single-parent family, I always thought that alone was my default setting. Naturally, that’s when life will throw you an unexpected curve ball.

My Cyar’ika and I are planning to move in together in July. We’ve started looking for an apartment, in a very informal way. We’ve seen one we like, and a co-worker suggested that we go and get our application in now, in March. Why? Just in case. It’s on the east side of the city, however, it is near to both the Yellowhead Trail and the Henday, which will make for ease of commuting.

It also meets another important criteria: we will be able to get a cat in this place. Because cat.

Needless to say, this is a major upheaval in my life, I’ve had to make some important changes to my finances. That was a change for the better, let’s be honest. Without that big change, no way would I be apartment hunting with the person I’m looking forward to spending years of my life with.

Change isn’t always a good thing for me. However, I’m both excited and scared. I would probably be more suspicious if I wasn’t scared. I’m walking down a path I thought I’d never walk down; but the person I’m walking down the path with? She makes the journey worth it. I need to tell her that more.

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