Gig Economy: The New Politically Correct Term for Hustling

The term gig economy is the new Politically Correct Umbrella Term (PCUT) for hustling (No hustling isn’t just about dealing drugs). Simply put, your trying to work at more than one thing to get money base on what you know, your skill set, or are willing to do. In economic terms you would say one is exploring multiple income stream options. Everyone is trying to get a side hustle or turn one into their main thing. And in case you haven’t been paying attention the official unemployment numbers aren’t real and “next recession” is the new hush phrase.

Prior to crossing the line to fully engage in the crypto Space I knew there were jobs where people consulted, contracted, and freelanced; breaking away from the traditional W2 work model. About a month or two back I started hearing the phrase Gig economy. I didn’t know all the details of what it is, but I knew the concept. Then one day Red Pill broke it down on Bro Rich’s YT channel.

As he was explaining it, the light bulb started going off over my head, lol. The Crypto Space totally fits in with the Gig Economy. Looking at the base elements (miners, traders, HODLers, and programmers) are individuals who have either knowledge of something, a skill set, or are willing to do something and be compensated for their action. None of those roles follow the traditional W2 work model. And to top it off the compensation is in cryptos. Programmers who could be paid in fiat depending on who they are working for. These are at the core of the cryptos ecosystem.

Now expand beyond the base elements. I’m talking about more traditional job titles, like accountant, secretary, marketing strategist, sales manager, hiring manager, etc. Blockchain base companies may not follow all the traditional business rules. But there are some things you can’t get around when running a business. Those types of jobs must be filled and the beauty of it is you can be paid in cryptos. I can imagine someone saying, “how Sway, how?” lol… I’ll get there in a minute. Even traditional none blockchain related jobs can pay their employees in cryptos. You can google it. I don’t want the article to come off as a promo for any product or service. Or you could reach out to me and ask.

The point being is that cryptos isn’t 100% integrated into everyday society but it is making its way and the Gig economy is a big help in my opinion.

As I’ve stated before, there is a cultural paradigm shift happening in part based on this new technology called blockchain. For clarity I’m not saying blockchain everything. I’m simply pointing out that this updated work model, Cryptos (ability to be paid outside of fiat) and change in job security is helping the Space grow.

Taking the notion, a step further, you can take a low functioning job like dog walker and upgrade it with higher functions by adding extra services like grooming, training, and pet sitting. You can give clients the option to pay for those services in cryptos. High functioning jobs are no exception like being a doctor or lawyer (private practice, obviously). I’ve even seen posting for CPAs who accept cryptos. Trade jobs are the same wither a painter, plumber, HVAC, car mechanic, etc. You can take payments directly with P2P wallets or find a service that does it. The system isn’t perfect and the convenience level of the overall cryptos Space is about a 3 right now in my opinion. But it is better than where we were in 2010 or 2015.

You have to decide

Another thing I realized is that this allows people to get exposure to cryptos outside of the traditional mediums i.e. exchanges, mining, and trading. This is one of the things that make me realize the Space is maturing. The options to get cryptos have expanded. If you don’t trust exchanges, centralized or decentralized. It doesn’t matter. Do you think hardware or cloud mining doesn’t make sense? No worries… There are other options to get cryptos. What to keep your traditional W2 job and streamline using the cost average in method. Well, do you have a bank account? Then yes, you can do this too. This may not work for every job situation like being a soldier or hmmm; I’m not sure of what other job wouldn’t work for this honestly. Cryptos may not be convenient for all things you want to purchase in your everyday life. But it doesn’t change the fact that the option is available, and more are coming down the road.

Cryptos and blockchain technology are giving hustling a digital ; no longer relegating it to the analog currency of fiat. I think in order for mass adoption to happen it has to start from the bottom up in the case of applying blockchain technology. After all it was made to cut the middle man out. So why would it come from the top down. I think the gig economy will be a helping hand to expand the Space. I guess we’ll all see how this works out after the next recession, lol.

Yeah, that in real time, smh.