Why you should stay in your own lane and love being in it

There’s nothing wrong with being yourself, and accepting that is the most liberating thing you could ever do. By that, I mean recognizing what you personally need to get through and to get through it. For me, it was making the choice to abstain from the path that most of my peers were on. More, specifically I had to recognize that the path I wanted to be on wasn’t the road anyone in my age group or friends-list was willing and ready to explore. Before you knew it, the lifestyle I was now fully immersed in was who I was becoming. I knew that there was more to my life than being trapped at work during the week, and getting trashed at a bar by the end of it. Everyone around me was getting by, and these people were dictating my thoughts.

“If you look around, you will see people’s lives and thoughts on autopilot”

I began to ask myself these questions;

“Where have you been, lately? Why are you here? and where are you going? Look at your life and what you produce, is it giving you what you want? Are you acting on your ideas? Are you getting comfortable? Are you surrounding yourself with people that can nourish you spiritually, mentally? Are you challenging yourself? Are you experimenting? Is your life an adventure or is it boring?”

As a human being, we all have things that prevent us from becoming the person that we’re meant to be, and for me it was not acting on the belief of who I was meant to be by virtue of the uninspiring relationships I was married to. I decided come what may, but I’m going into action, I’m going to do something and not let this define me.

Once you believe and accept that there is more in store for you, you actually embody it. You embrace that feeling. Truly believing and accepting that who I was and what was important to me as cool was liberating. What I enjoyed doing and learning about was cool. I was cool with or without my friends. My ideas and ambition validated. Life was entirely different, and I no longer needed the crutch of my friendships to help explain my place in the world. My expressions were different. Who I surrounded myself was different. Things became easier financially, work started coming my way more and more often and the quality of my relationships were more valuable. I soon realized the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. The more authentically ‘myself’ I became the more currency I had to exchange for the things that I had an interest in.

“Most people go through life never using the power they have to make life easier for themselves”

Understand that we have enormous power to create the things that we want and that most people go through life never using it. In the end, we all have some talents and abilities that are trapped inside of us that if we don’t challenge ourselves to use, nurture and explore you’ll never ever discover the full effect they have on achieving the things you want to achieve. You can have, you can be, or you can do whatever you want to be in life. Unfortunately, most people endure it holding in life, and the good thing for us is that we can choose not to.

Trell West is a technical web designer, creative strategist, and an entrepreneur. In addition to his own business portfolio, he advises clients in building creative and truly effective strategies. One of Trell’s most sought after skills is the ability to understand the real potential in any company and help leverage the unique resources or skills of that company to reach the potential.

This story was originally published on LinkedIn’s Pulse Network