That party was way worse than it sounds
Paul Biggar

I’m glad that as a man you verified this party. I grew up in Palo Alto, and while I had an office there I was not invited to any sex parties. I don’t live there now, but I do know that as a woman one of the challenges we have is that men see things, might be uncomfortable and then usually do not step in to stop or change things. So thank you. One of the things that is NOT being talked about with all of the #metoo is the stuff not related to sex or sexual harassment. So if young women are expected to go along with these kind of parties to fit in, to be able to work with and pitch to these guys that is horrible. But in addition, imagine all of the women who are not young and hot who are building great things who don’t even get in the door, who are less than a rug or inanimate object to men with power. The dynamic you describe is so rampant that a woman of a certain age who is not seen as “f…able” is certainly not fundable. There are probably many, many more women who are shut out because they couldn’t be invited to a party like that if they wanted to be. I certainly wouldn’t want to be! I worry that focusing on the sexual harassment is taking our eye off the bigger problem — women not being seen as valuable, equal, creative, productive, innventive, smart, compassionate, hustling, bootstrapping, doing more with less… all of what is needed in Silicon Valley. We have such a long way to go. Glad you asked the investors there what they were doing there. Wish you would publish, even anonymously, what they said.