About Me

Married to the incomparable Amanda Wheatley. We have two amazing kids (the miniwheats)— Thomas and Zoe. I’m a native of St. Thomas, USVI but I currently live and work in Toronto, Ontario Canada

VP Product @QuickPlayMedia (an AT&T company). US Air Force vet, ex-Bainie. 03 UVA, ’10 Darden

Travel, fitness and nutrition, politics, all kinds of tech, reading, sports, cooking

I’m a socially liberal, fiscally conservative Libertarian. Basically that means I believe in limited government intervention in people’s personal affairs, responsible but limited regulation of markets, pro-democracy, pro-free trade (with some constraints), and that America has a role to play in terms of setting an example for other countries on issues like human rights and can use its military power to ensure global security.

I do my “serious” writing here on Medium. You can find me on Twitter @twheatley. I also am a “guest” blogger on my wife’s fantastic blog MiniWheatMama with the handle MisterWheats (which is also my username on Instagram).

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