President-elect Trump willingly parts ways with $25M!

Look maybe President-elect Trump is settling the 3 class-action lawsuits for fraud and racketeering related to Trump University to avoid the distraction it would create as he takes office. After all, the settlement includes (of course) the provision that it is not an admission of any wrongdoing.

But we are talking about a man who is notoriously hard to just get money from: he has a track record of stiffing contractors and tradesmen who do work for him, his charitable giving is pretty pathetic (unless you are selling paintings of him or are a state official looking for a bribe), he’s more or less bragged about not paying taxes for two decades because he’s a “smart businessman” (he still hasn’t released those tax returns so we don’t know for sure), and he even refused to pay these girls.

This Trump U thing happening now vs before the election almost certainly wouldn’t change anything because most of Trump supporters seemingly don’t care that the guy is a shady operator and probably wouldn’t care that he took up to $35K from students dreaming of cashing in on the real estate market and offered squat in return.

I’m not saying Hillary Clinton is a saint — she’s a very flawed person. But from what I learned about her during the campaign, she has done nothing that suggests incompetence or corruption above a level I would expect from a typical politician. And this was never about her on an absolute scale — voters were asked to choose BETWEEN her and Mr. Trump.

That I continue to hear so many Trump supporters say they couldn’t support her because she’s a liar and too corrupt is mind boggling. It leads me to believe that they are applying a double standard because he is a businessMAN (emphasis intended) and SHE is a lifelong politician. I’m willing to bet (seriously I would put money on this) that he has more (and more serious) corruption scandals in his (hopefully only) four years in office then she had in her 30 years of public service.

But I just picture Hillary Clinton, sitting at home, curled up in a blanket watching TV and muttering to herself “and all they could talk about is some damn EMAILS”.


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