even with no Black people, American chattel slavery is the center of any & all Confederacy narratives. The artistic choice to attempt to decenter race from gender in a Confederate narrative is so disingenuous as to be willfully ignorant
Should Sofia Coppola Stay In Her White Lane? Sure. But That Means Acknowledging Her Racism.
Seren Sensei

Another great point. This also makes me think of Tarantino and his justification for showing anti-Black brutality in “Django Unchained”. By itself it made sense because of the historical context of the film, but when compared to “Inglorious Basterds” it becomes suspect, because those two are essentially the same people with Django taking the place of the Jewish brigade and white slave holders taking the place of the Nazis. The only main difference is that he managed to not show any real brutality towards the Jewish people in the film, not even so much as a handful of slurs. His apparent showing of restraint towards the Jewish characters in “Basterds” made his seemingly lack of restraint in “Django” seem a bit suspect.

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