And at the end of the day, Sofia Coppola is a cultural producer & we are allowed to critique what she creates, regardless of if we ‘trust’ her or not. Sure, I’d prefer a Black creative to make ANY and all Black narratives, if I’m being honest. But that seems like missing the forest for the trees. Coppola loves making her white girls tragic victims of circumstance due to gender instead of active participants in oppressive systems, and I will call her out — and all white feminists, for that matter — on their persistence in saying ‘women’ & ‘women’s rights’ when they mean WHITE women and WHITE women’s rights. Should she stay in her white lane? Absolutely. And that means she should own that her version of feminism is WHITE ONLY, as white only as a Jim Crow-era water fountain, AND CALL IT WHITE ONLY IN EVERY INTERVIEW. Own it. Own that she utilizes a racist, white supremacist point of view, because you can’t have it both ways. You can’t publicly champion yourself as some type of advocate for women, then openly admit to removing Black women from your narratives because ‘gender dynamics not racial ones.’
Should Sofia Coppola Stay In Her White Lane? Sure. But That Means Acknowledging Her Racism.
Seren Sensei


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