Tremble Line

We know so much about ourselves
We listen to our bodies and recognize the cells
We balance our nutrition, provide the healthy food
We control the naps and try to tame the mood
Then scientists found something unexampled
Observed it and took the sample
Then measured it and amplified
But the devices showed only long tremble line

I know so many things for sure
Don’t dream a lot unless you’re mature
Live your life in the best possible way
No worries about the past, it won’t strike again
But every day I have decisions to make
Which shoes do I wear?, should I take an umbrella?
And all these make me feel strained and tight
So I am like long tremble line

There are so many persons in the world
All their stories have already been told
About each wrinkle and every childish fear
I listen to them even if I don’t want to hear
And to people around me I pay no attention
Talking to them paralyze my senses
And when they asked me to picture the friend of mine
I drew just a long tremble line