An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I was you, talia jane, English degree and all. The plan was to teach or go to law school. After graduation, I didn’t want to do either. So, shortly after moving home I acquired a real estate licensed. I failed miserably because I wasn’t willing to work, or learn how to work. I was 21, and other than being able to find a bar or a good sack of weed, I was pretty lost. SO, I moved from Florida to the Northeast and delivered pizza and took every odd job that I could find to make ends meet. My parents cut me off financially, and I never had more than a few hundred dollars to my name at any given time. It was difficult, but I found myself in this struggle.

In less than a year, I returned to Florida and gave real estate another shot. The first year I made just over $5,000 in real estate commissions while supplementing my income with day labor jobs. I considered going back to school or becoming a teacher, though I wasn’t ready to pass a drug test. Second year, $17,000 in real estate commissions. I felt like I was getting somewhere. Third year, $83,000 in real estate commissions. No more day labor jobs. Fourth year, $92,000 in commissions. The prior year wasn’t a fluke! Fifth year, $149,740.63, to be exact.

Why am I telling you all this shit? Because I recently was you, talia jane. Ignore all of the negative comments from these douche bags who were simply lucky enough to land their bullshit jobs. You’re going to be successful. Like me, you’re a thinker. You’re going to figure this life out, but it’s not going to happen in less than a few years. Stay focussed but be willing to change paths, or return to an old path :)

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