Sather Jamee
Jan 18, 2017 · 4 min read

Different construction jobs require the use of different trench shoring equipment or tools to complete the job excellently and up to industry standard. Trenching is not an exception. When trenching during a construction project, each step of the way requires different trench shoring tools. One very popular tool is the trench box. Trench boxes are used to ensure that an excavation or trenching process is safe from any potential hazard that comes with the job. Trenching and excavation are inarguably one of the most dangerous activities in construction operation. For this reason, all safety measures must be put in place to ensure the process is accident-free. As a contractor in charge of a trench digging/excavation process, you are invariably motivated to make the gain or manage funds. It unwittingly becomes a case of being torn between a decision of “life and death” and “dollar and cents”. Making a decision is inevitable, and it should be a decision to protect life first. Even so, money can be saved; and the best work will be done safely. It is a matter of knowing the right trench boxes to buy. Knowing the right trench box will save a contractor a lot of costs that would have resulted from buying a wrong trench box or failing to buy a trench box for a construction project.

To make the right decision on which trench box to buy, you will need to consider a number of things, such as; where and exactly how deep you will dig, the gear and materials that you will require, the type of soil you will be working on, the tool preference of your workforce, and the machinery at your disposal. The soil structure is a crucial factor you must consider. Are you going to work on a ground that is stony and sandy or loose and wet, these soil types will pose unique hazards when digging? Consequently, you must choose a trench box that protects your workers against the hazards that working on these soil types pose.

Loose and Wet Ground

Working on a land with loose and wet soil comes with the risk of a cave-in or landslide. Any of these hazards can cause fatal accidents. Therefore, you should buy a trench box should be lightweight because the ground does not have the strength to carry a lot of weight. Therefore, buying an aluminum trench box will be best for such a project. Meanwhile, such a trench should be protected against the flow of water by installing drainage.

Stony Ground

Working on a stony ground will require trench boxes that are made from tough materials, such as a steel trench shoring box. A stony ground can support heavy trench boxes; however, such grounds require steel trench boxes that can hold the trench walls in position and withstand any pressure that may come from soil movement.

Depth Of The Trench

Another factor to consider before you purchase a trench box is the estimated or maximum depth of the trench or the excavation ground. This knowledge should be used to determine the length of the trench box to be purchased. If you are digging a trench that will be estimated 20ft deep, it will be unwise to buy a trench box that is that is 10ft long. Buying a trench box that has a short length compared to the depth of the trench may cause the unprotected part of the trench to collapse.

Size Of Your Equipment’s

The size of your trench equipment should be considered as well. Some contractors are inclined to buying a wide trench box, but they do not consider the size of their excavator. They sometimes end up buying wide trench boxes but do not have the excavator to make proper use of it. It is important to purchase a trench box that will be fully made use of.

Convenience of workers

The comfort of your workers who will be working in those trenches should be another matter of concern. For your workers to move more efficiently and also carry their tools along, it will be best to use a trench system that has open space in the middle. If your workers or you want to use the open space in the trench to move equipment and workers then you will likely not want to buy horizontal hydraulic presses that significantly covers the upper and lower part of the trench when a vertically located beam will keep the wall surfaces securely. This technique should also be used for trenches with wall space that are far apart for some hydraulic pistons to attain.

Both these trenching shoring systems, and also other systems, will have their purposes, and the type of job you do will determine the method you utilize to shore your trenches. Don’t assume all jobs are the same size or have the same requirements, you will want to evaluate each trench for the sort of shoring system you shall need to use. Ensure that the system you utilize is designed for the weights and pressures put on it, can be installed and removed safely, and can be acquired easily.


Building trenches for development jobs is a serious business. It needs the right group of materials to be sure that assignments are completed safely and promptly. Securing the correct shoring materials and equipment before starting any trenching task can help ensure that the trench is safe for the employees. If you want to dig a trench at your project site, you will need to be sure that you properly shore up the wall space to help promote safe practices and make certain you will not have to re-dig your trench. There are always a handful of different trench shoring systems which you can use to assist in preventing the collapse of your trench surfaces, and matching the right equipment to the work is crucial for basic safety and efficiency. Trench shoring boxes offer OSHA standard equipment at competitive prices. We understand the importance of safety and the need to efficiently manage resources; therefore, we provide the best prices for the best types of construction equipment.

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