Missing Jimmy — trying to make things better

I grieve deeply that I cannot experience Jimmy Guterman as I’d like to anymore in this plane of existence. To viscerally know the kindness in his heart when greeted by his broad smile and warm hug each time we met.

Jimmy's one of the folks who really got it and could help you and just about anybody else get it, too. This is like perpetual fortunes lost for us yet grossly experiencing the so-called reality that has you reading this now.

The world loses a great giver who always seemed an endless spring of vital energy, most obviously when it came to creating value from ideas. Jimmy’s reflections’re invaluable - always rich with something personal, a nod to a shared interest, an insight in the same vein, the wink unnecessary as he already has your attention.

That’s how immersed and well-versed in your zeitgeist Jimmy would be. After all, what Jimmy was doing decades before the mainstream Internet is a reference model for curation. His insights were always informed by a scholarly knowledge of history, culture…and unwavering humanity.

So while I grieve, I can also confidently imagine that the world is a better place every time someone who Jimmy touched reflects on her or his own life with a keen focus on “What would Jimmy Guterman do?”

For any left wondering if this world was never meant for one as beautiful as him, remember how he knew how soul suckingly horrible things could happen yet always showed us the signals of hope. Perhaps struck down, Jimmy’s impact can be stronger than ever through us, who are necessarily better for carrying Jimmy, his spirit of kindness and respect for others, and not least his desire to share in us always.

Let us begin to be stronger and make better anew, as Jimmy would, by enjoying the vibrant goodness of this moment, remembering him, Jimmy — a truly kind and generous soul and model human being.

*...and, for those who know how he could be so demonstrably loving, insert what darling snark Jimmy would inject . . . right ...now.

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