By using the Diffie–Hellman key exchange — the encryption used for HTTPS, SSH, and VPN — to crack 2 large prime numbers, NSA could eavesdrop on 92% of the top 1 Million Alexa HTTPS domains. Meanwhile, 2 American hackers under 22, high on pot, breached CIA director’s email and gained access to plans about Syria and Iraq.

Instagram just released Boomerang, an app that let people create and share high quality 1-second GIF-like videos. Interesting unbundling strategy after Layout & Hyperlapse to provide users with new tools to animate their feed without surcharging the mothership app. For mobile messaging, gifs are the new emojis and are worth at least a thousand words.

Observations in the retail business @Citadium : Empowered by smartphones and social media, sales associates are the new muses and faces of the brand lifestyle. Also true for fitness coaches in high-end gyms.

Magic leap just released a new genuine and stunning video demonstrating the abilities of their highly expected technology. Augmented reality through Hololens and Magic Leap might be the winner in the battle with virtual reality technologies such as Oculus.

Once again Burberry has showed its pioneering approach among the fashion business by featuring on Snapchat an exclusive and soundless photoshoot by Mario Testino, an A-list fashion photographer.